NetEnt Entertainment- Why Return to Player Rates Matter

  • Jan 19, 2021

NetEnt is a top-rated game developer that is renowned in the casino industry for releasing games with the highest Return to Player (RTP) rates. Over the past two decades, NetEnt has been supplying online casinos with table games, slots, and live dealer games that meet players requirements in terms of gameplay. Visit and have a look at the featured games, their RTP, and bonus options.


Why NetEnt Return to Player Matters

Today, most gaming enthusiasts enjoy placing their bets online. The high chances of triggering the featured specialties and spinning the reels are not only fun but also amazing. With NetEnt, you can see the RTP of every single casino game you play. For instance, when you log in to, you can simulate and tell the winnings you can pocket by the end of the game.

If you're a newbie and not conversant with the term RTP, Return to Player is the ideal name used by gaming developers and online casinos to illustrate the percentage of the money you can pocket over time. If your favorite game comes with a 95% RTP and places a bet worth $100, you can expect to pocket about $95 back in the form of winnings.

NetEnt Games Payouts

Also termed as the percentage payout, Return to Player plays a key role in determining your final payouts as a slots players. In the casino industry, slots are known as games of pure chance. Here, you can't use strategies to cut on the house edge. Therefore, it's recommended you bet on slots with the highest RTPs to ensure your payout is convincing.

How can you maximize the Return to Player? Once you realize there is no hack used to overcome the house edge, you can use the basics to maximize your winnings. First of all, go through the available slots and select the ones with high RTPs. Additionally, opt for slots that allow you to place bigger bets. If you love playing progressive slots, go for the maximum payout.

Best and Worst NetEnt Games In terms of RTP

Now, you understand why Return to Player is of utmost importance. NetEnt games own a wide variety of casino games. How do you select the ones that come with high RTP? You can check on online reviews and NetEnt's game details for such information. The Blood Suckers and Kings of Chicago slots are worth playing considering they respectively come with 98% and 97.8% RTPs.

NetEnt also develops games with relatively low Return to Player rates. For instance, Relic Raiders features a 90% RTP, Fortune Teller comes with a 93.3% RTP, whereas Tiki Wonders features a 93.2%. These games Return to Player is relatively low considering NetEnt also supply games that come with 98% RTP. These rates are related to your favorite game payable. Therefore, select the game to bet on carefully.

The Bottom Line

Over the years, NetEnt has secured its place in the casino industry by developing high-quality casino games. The developer supplies these casino games to booth land-based casinos and online casinos. NetEnt has been developing games with compelling RTP rates as compared to other gaming providers in the casino industry. With the wide variety of casino games offered by NetEnt, you can always select the one that suits your needs.

NetEnt's Casino Return to Player Rates